Low Pressure Relief Valve (FOOG Vent)

Informations Techniques

The Brownell FOOG Vent is a simple and highly effective way to prevent over pressure caused by out gassing of a product during and after processing. Many products evolve gasses and vapours as a result of the manufacture and processing.

Nitrogen is a typical example of a gas that is released after processing particularly if it has been used for blanketing purposes to eliminate moisture, humidity and inhibit oxygen.


The integral non return valve allows gas to escape out from the bulk container or vessel but prevents inward flow from the atmosphere contaminating the product. Pressure changes caused by temperature and atmospheric variations are also equalised during use and operation.

A sintered plastic filter guards against fine powder being released and protects the non return valve effective operation. The filter is designed to withstand side loads and shocks during filling and transportation.


FOOG Vents can be directly mounted into gas tap flanges or can be bulkhead mounted with an adaptor flange. Typical applications include protecting storage bags containing milk powder and food aggregates. All FOOG Vents are fully automatic and require no maintenance.

FOOG Vents are manufactured from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and certified materials for use and contact with food products and can be sterilised for re-use.